Language Translated int Afrikaans

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Language Translated int Afrikaans

Post by raycomp » Tue Apr 09, 2019 1:17 pm

If for some reason you aren't ready to pay for the program you can get a license for free. You can simply do one of the following:
Write a script for a movie site that isn't supported yet.
Create an original user interface.
Translate the language file into a language that isn't supported by the program yet.
Translate a part of the help.
Participate in the forum discussions actively: have at least 50 sensible messages (no flood) and help new users by replying to their

I have translated 9.1 to Afrikaans (South Africa) and tested it properly using unregistered version. I am a Pensioner and love movies to keep me going.
I would love to pay for the program as I found it exciting but The ZAR $ exchange rate makes it very expensive for a person living on a state pension.

I noticed to day that I can get a free Licence if I make the translation available. Does the offer still hold? Will also be able to translate a part of help ig you so wish

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