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IMDB Pro with Movienizer

Post by ltolman » Mon Aug 15, 2016 1:58 am

As I finished a movie and added it to Movienizer; I was going thru the booklet that came with the movie. E1 showed a mini catalog of other titles the company (E1) had distributed. So I got to thinking; does Movienizer add the Company to the details screen: "Paramount Pictures, Century 21 Fox, E1 Entertainment"... and my immediate findings was no.

So I visit imdb; nope not there either. So I wondered if I had a subscription to IMDB Pro; and sure enough it could be there....with a subscription.

So I am wondering...for those who have a subscription; as long as we are logged into imdb at the time of us adding a title to Movienizer, would it extract IMDB Pro data; or just standard IMDB data.

Would this be a feature request?

And I'm guessing since I can easily add my own Genre/Tags, that in theory I could just add my own Distributor to these titles I already own and save the "who knows how much"/per month for IMDB Pro hahaha



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Re: IMDB Pro with Movienizer

Post by Vlad » Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:54 am

Normally Movienizer downloads information about production companies, if the "Download studios" option is enabled on the "Download options" tab.

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