some suggestions (imho)

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some suggestions (imho)

Post by Raul » Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:00 am

1) when adding movies by file, file name parsing stumbles on names like "title (year)"; it fails to find the movie unless I manually remove the year in brackets.

2) it would be nice if you could batch add some movies, and choosing among alternatives only at the end of the search, instead of staring at the screen while the program searches for each movie.

2a) also, I'd like to point the search to an alternative site, when it first fails to locate a movie. (see also next item)

3) I'd like to prioritize the sites on which to search the movies info. I.e. I like, but I'm willing to go with e.g. when the first search fails. As it works now, I cannot control which site is searched first, and so I had to remove all sites but

4) imdb, even when I choose 'Italian' in its settings, keeps downloading info in english.

5) when fixing moved movies paths, I'd like it to work like Adobe Lightroom does, i.e., when you point it to a folder for one of the pictures, it fixes the path for all the photos in the same folder. I think that the find&replace approach that movienizer uses is error prone and difficult to use for scenarios more complex than a simple wholesale move. As for me, I reorganized an entire NAS worth of files in a more polished directory structure, so a whole folder is now divided in many subfolders. In this case, the find&replace method is too cumbersome, in my opinion.

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